Tentative program outline for UMI 10th - CODATU XVII Conference

10th URBAN MOBILITY India conference 2017 & CODATU XVII Conference
4th to 6th November, Hyderabad
Theme : Intelligent, inclusive & sustainable mobility

Pre-event 3rd November 2017 (15:00 – 18:00)
15:00 - 18:00 Registration
Day 1 – 4th November 2017 (09:30 – 13:20)
09:30 - 11:30 Registration

11:30 - 12:00

Inaugural of the exhibition

12:00 - 13:20

Inaugural Session
  • National  Anthem
  • Welcome Address by Shri Durga Shanker Mishra, Secretary, Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs
  • Address by Shri S.P. Singh, Chief Secretary, Telangana
  • Address by Mr. Dominique Bussereau, President, CODATU
  • Special Address by M. Alexandre Ziegler, Ambassador of France to India
  • Address by Shri K.Chandrashekar Rao, Hon’ble Chief Minister, Government of Telangana
  • Release of publications on Urban Transport by Chief Guest
  • Inaugural address by Shri Hardeep Singh Puri, Hon’ble Minister for Housing and Urban Affairs, GoI
  • Address by Shri M. Venkaiah Naidu, Hon’ble Vice President of India
  • Vote of Thanks by Shri Manoj Kumar, Additional Secretary (D&C), Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs
  • National  Anthem

13:20 - 14:30

Inaugural Lunch
Day 1 - 4th November 2017 (14:30 - 16:00)

Special Session 1 -

Inclusive and Sustainable Mobility

Welcome Address -  Shri D.S  Mishra, Secretary , MoHUA

Opening Remarks- Hon’ble Chief  Minister, Telangana

  • Dr. O.P. Agarwal, CEO, WRI
  • Shri N.V.S. Reddy, MD, Hyderabad Metro Rail Corporation Ltd.
  • Mr Vivek Agarwal, Commissioner, UADD, Madhya Pradesh

Vote of Thanks - Shri Mukund Kumar Sinha, OSD (UT) & E.O. J.S., MoHUA

Joint Session 4 :

"Inclusive planning, mobility for All "

Chairperson: Shri Brijesh Dixit, Managing Director, Maha Metro Rail Corporation Ltd.

  • Mr. Laurent Senigout, MD, KEOLIS Rennes
  • Mr. Jean-Baptiste Gernet, deputy mayor of Strasbourg, in charge of mobilities
  • Mr. Pierre Serne, Director of the network of cyclable cities
  • Urban Poor and their Mobility Challenges –Dr Pawan Kumar, Associate TCP, TCPO, GoI
  • Bicycle Sharing Project, Mysore

Joint Session 2 :

"Electric Mobility"


Chairperson: Dr. Sudhir Krishna, Former Secretary, Government of India

  • Shri Shashi Shekhar, Retd. Secretary, Government of India
  • Fame Policy: providing impetus to Clean Mobility in India - Joint Secretary, Department of Heavy Industry
  • Electric Mobility for the city of Hyderabad - Subash Dhar, UNEP DTU
  • Electric freight transport – Mr. Jean-Michel Genestier, Deputy General Manager, SNCF Logistics

Joint Session 3

"Multimodal Integration: case studies from all over the world"

Chairperson: Dr. Mangu Singh, Managing Director, Delhi Metro Rail Corporation Ltd.

Co-Chair: Mr. Pedro Ortiz, Urban Planner, Multilateral and Government Consultant

  • Setting-up a multimodal network - Ms. Annie Guillemot, Former president of SYTRAL and French Senator
  • Mr. Eric Diserbeau, Director Mobility and Transport at Rennes Metropolis (France).
  • Mr. Praveen Goyal, Director- Systems, Kochi Metro (TBC)
  • Mr Amit Bhatt, WRI

Joint Session 1 :

"Governance, Urban Planning and Mobility"


Chairperson: Dr. M. Ramachandran, Former Secretary, Government of India

Co-Chair: Mr. Christian Curé, Director, CEREMA (Centre for Scientific Resources, expertise and Interdisciplinary techniques providing support for State Services and Local Authorities)

  • “The transformation of the city of Bordeaux, France”,
  • Ms. Francoise Rossignol, elected member of GART (Association of French public transport authorities)
  • Shri V. Ravichandar, City Connect
  • Shri C.S. R K. Prasad, Professor, NIT Warangal
LUTP Review – CEPT (Group 1A)

Reviewers -  Dr. Sanjay Gupta, Mr Abhijit Lokre, Mr Gautam Patel, Ms.Shalini Sinha, A.S Lakhra

  • Improve operational efficiency of CMRL - Mrs. Lakshmi, Mr. T.P Vinodkumar  & Mr. S.K. Madhavan
  • Public bicycle sharing (PBS) as a non-motorized transport to complement public transportation - Mrs. N. Veena
  • Development of Intermodal Transport Circle at Kathipara Junction Alandur - Mr. Vijaya Basker & Mr. Saravanan
  • Non-fare optimisation for Pune metro - Mr. Ajit Kawade & Dr. Pradnya Kasar
  • Route Rationalisation of Public transport services in Indore - Mr. Chetan Karnik
LUTP Review – CEPT (Group 2A)

Reviewers: Prof Seva Ram, Mr. Laghu Parashar, Mr.Vivek Ogra, Ms. Nitika Bhakuni, Prof Shivanand Swamy

  • New Metro Policy review - Mr. Naresh Bhardwaj
  • Congestion Management at Trivandrum Railways station area - Mr. Pradeep Wales
  • Integration ofTransit services in Mumbai - Mr. Goraksha Jagtap, Mr. Raju Bhadke & Ms Vijayalaxmi
  • Reduction of Traffic Problems In Aizawl - Mr. Ramchuana  & Mr. R.L Zidinga
Tea Break (16:00 - 17:00)
Day 1 - 4th November 2017 (17:00 - 18:30)

Special Session 2 -

Intelligent Mobility

Welcome Address -  Shri Sameer Sharma, Additional Secretary, MoHUA

Opening Remarks- Shri K.T. Rama Rao, Hon’ble Deputy Chief Minister, Telangana

  • Prof Shivanand Swamy, CEPT
  • Mr. Guy Lebras, President of GART (Association of Public Transport Authorities)
  • National Payment Corporation of India

Vote of Thanks - Shri Mukund Kumar Sinha, OSD (UT) & E.O. J.S., MoHUA

20th Anniversary session:

New Paradigms of Mobility

Chairperson: Shri S.P. Singh, Chief Secretary, Telangana

  • Electric Mobility – Shri Sumantran
  • Shift from User Financing to Beneficiary Financing -  Dr O.P. Agarwal, CEO, WRI
  • Retrospective of 20 years of mobility, Mr. Ali HUZAYYIN, CODATU
  • Perspectives in the developing world, Mr. Michel LARAMEE, CODATU, and Mr. Xavier Crepin, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
LUTP Review – CEPT (Group 1B)

Reviewers: Dr. Sanjay Gupta, Mr Abhijit Lokre, Mr Gautam Patel, Ms. Shalini Sinha, A.S Lakhra

  • Smart Parking for Raipur -Mr. Abhinav Agarwal
  • Public Transport Policy and Strategy for Gurugram -Ms Usha Kiran
  • Fare Policy (collection and Revision) for MP -Mr. Parijat Jain & Mr Mohit Bundas
  • Performance assessment and expansion strategy for Gulbarga city services -Mr. Santosh Kumar & Mr. Mohammed Faiz
  • Integrating DEMU and MEMU operations and Maintenance in Bangalore -Mr. Swayambhu Arya
LUTP Review – CEPT (Group 2B)

Reviewers: Prof Seva Ram, Mr. Laghu Parashar, Mr.Vivek Ogra, Ms. Nitika Bhakuni

  • Station area Development Amritsar station including Parking and Last mile connectivity - Mr.  Rajneesh Kumar Shrivastava
  • Place Making and Integrating feeder services -Mr. Rahul Goswami, Ms Nidhi Singh & Mr. Brij Bhushan Sharma
  • Equitable road design for Delhi Roads -Mr. Sanjeev Rastogi; Mr. Pradeep Gupta
  • Accident management System for Dehradun  -  Mr. Sunil Kumar Meena
Day 2 - 5th November 2017 (9:30 - 11:00)

Plenary Session 1:

Smart city and mobility

Hall 2


Chair & Key-note speaker: Mr. Pedro Ortiz, Urban Planner, Multilateral and Government consultant

  • Frederic Baverez, CEO, KEOLIS
  • The conception of Smart mobility for the city of Strasbourg - Mr. Jean-Baptiste Gernet, deputy mayor of Strasbourg (France)
  • Shri Sajeesh Kumar, Director Smart Cities, Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs (TBC)
  • Shri Kunal Kumar, Municipal Commissioner, Pune
Tea Break (11:00-11:30)
Day 2 - 5th November 2017 (11:30 - 13:00)

Technical session 1:

Public Transport

Chairperson: Shri I.P. Gautam, Managing Director, MEGA

  • Urban Rail Transit for Achieving Sustainable Regional Development – Shri V.K. Singh, MD, NCRTC
  • BRTS: Shaping Tomorrow's Public Transport, an international experience – <Mr Jan De Man, Director, Bus World Academy
  • Transforming City Bus Service, Noida  - MP  Group (Sponsored Session)
  • Providing Public Transit in Small and Medium Towns - APSRTC

Technical session 2:

Land Value Capture & TOD

Chairperson : Dr Kumar V. Pratap, Economic Advisor, Ministry of Housing and Urbain Affairs

  • National TOD Policy & Implementation in India – MoUD
  • Challenges in implementing TOD in Indian Cities – UTTIPEC/ Ahmedabad
  • Implementing TOD : An international perspective – Ms Jaya Dhindaw, WRI
  • Land Value capture for station development - Mr. S.K.  Lohia, MD, SDC

Joint session 5: 

Design, funding and implementation of a tram system

[Session organized by Bordeaux Metropolis]

Chairperson -   Ms. Anne Raimat, Bordeaux Metropolis

Co-Chair -  Mr. Etienne Lhomet, Transport Expert, CODATU/DVDH

  • Presentation of Case studies from Bordeaux (Ms. Geraldin Di Matteo), and New Delhi (Mr. Vincent Lichere, Suez
  • Experience sharing from Keolis and Egis Rail
  • Introduction of the projects in Hyderabad (Mr. Papa Rao, GHMC) and Kochi (Mr. GP Hari, KMRL)

International Scientific Committee (CODATU) Session 2

"Public transport and Citizens Preferences"

Session chair : Dr. OP Agarwal

  • Assessment of passenger satisfaction with public bus transport services: a case study of Lucknow city (India) - Dr. Sanjay K. Singh, IIM, Lucknow, India
  • Pre-determined fare structures for rickshaws when integrating with BRT systems” - Dr. Shafiq-Ur Rahman, University of Jahangirnagar, Bangaldesh;
  • Role of taxis in urban mobility of metropolitan environment: case of Delhi and Ahmedabad, India” - Prof. Shivanand Swamy, CEPT / Prof. Sanjay Gupta / Rajesh Pradhan / Shravani Sharma

Codatu session 3:

Challenges of developing mass transit systems in developping countries


  • Presentation of the Safe Access Manual and workshop - Mr. Rajeev Malagi, WRI
  • Case study of Kochi and Presentation of the booklet on “The Experience of Kochi Metro project a great contribution to the history of Indian metros”, by Mr. Mathieu Verdure, AFD and Ms. Marion Hoyez, CODATU

Codatu Session 2:

Maintaining Equity in Urban Transport in Developing Countries - Issues and Challenges

  • Activity-Travel Behavior of Non-Workers in Different Income Group Households: Case of Bangalore City – Dr. Manoj M., IIT Delhi
  • Addressing Equity Issues Associated with Roadway Pricing – Dr. Tarun Rambha, IISc Bangalore
  • Bicycling in developing countries – the role of gender -  Dr. Rahul T. M., Amrita University, Coimbatore
  • Service Gap Analysis of Public Buses in Bangalore With Respect to Women Safety -  Prof. Ashish Verma, IISc Bangalore

Codatu session 1:

The French experience of sustainable urban development

Chair:  Mr. Guy Lebras, President of GART (Association of Public Transport Authorities)

  • The role of trams in the city of Strasbourg - Mr. Jean-Baptiste Gernet, Deputy Mayor, Strasbourg
  • Case study of Medellin MetroCable - Mr. Benjamin FAUCHIER-DELAVIGNE, POMA
  • Mr. Paul Gardey de Soos, Director of RATP Dev Transdev Asia
  • A 3D sustainable city simulator for Santiago -  M. Timothee Mangeart, Artelia City & Transport
PTV Session 1
  • Welcome & Introduction - Dr. Thomas Schwerdtfeger, PTV Group
  • PTV Group Activities in India & What’s New in PTV Software -  Mr. Prabhu TD, PTV Group and Ms. Marijana Matanovic, PTV Group

Efficient & Sustainable City Bus Services Project

Knowledge Exchange Workshop on Intelligent Transport System (ITS) - conducted by SUTP

Session 1: Implementation models for adopting ITS in public transport

  • Shri G. P. Hari, AGM, Kochi Metro
  • Shri Sudipto Roy, GM & Business Head, ICICI
  • Shri Rakesh Shankar, IAS, Dy Municipal Commissioner, Ahmedabad
  • Shri Sujit Nair, Director, Paycraft Solutions
Lunch (13:00 - 14:30)
Day 2 - 5th November 2017 (14:30 - 16:00)

Technical session 3:

Shared Mobility

Chairperson : Shri B.I. Singal, Former Director General, Institute of Urban Transport

  • Mobility Management in Mega Cities using shared Mobility options – Mr Bhavish Aggarwal, PDG et co-fondateur, OLA
  • Bus service : an option of shared Mobility – Ms Suchitra, Shuttle
  • Regulating IPT – TERI/ Center for Public Policy Research
  • TBC

Technical session 4:

Financial planning

Chairperson : Shri. Navin Mittall, Secretary (UD), Telengana

  • Public financing of urban transport – Niti Aayog/ Shri Manoj Singh
  • Balancing Bankability and Affordability in Urban transport projects – PWC/ Deloit
  • Financing urban rail through PPP – CEO, L&T
  • PPP in city bus service – Chandramaul Shukla, CEO BCLL/ Sandep Soni, CEO, AICTSL

International Scientific Committee (CODATU) 1:

"Equity and exclusion in transport"

Session chair -  Mr. Pedro Ortiz, Urban Planner, Multilateral and Government consultant

  • Inequalities in daily mobility and transport expenditure in Guadalajara (Mexico) – Dr. Lourdes Diaz Olvera, Dr. Pierre Lestruhaut, Dr. Didier Plat, Mr, Pascal Pochet, LAET

  • Resilience of excluded people: resourcefulness, social strategies and sustainable mobilities at Rabat Sale (Morocco)” – Ms. Meryem Achraf, INAU, Morocco

  • The Two Faces of Mobility in Cotonou (Benin): a Nightmare for Poor People - Dr. Placide Badji, TIEG EEIG, Cotonou, Benin

CODATU session 4:

How to boost urban or social projects threw transport projects dynamics?

Chair : (TBC)

  • Case studies from Lisbon and Lausanne - Mr. Julien Allaire, Director of International affairs at Transitec
  • Mobility planning in France - Mr. Thierry Gouin, Cities and territories, CEREMA
  • Case studies from Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso) and Lyon (France) - Mr. Thibaut Descroux, Town Planning Agency of Lyon
  • Case studies from Curitiba (Brazil) and Medellin (Colombia) - Mr. Pablo Salazar Ferro, CODATU
  • Dialog with Mr. GP Hari (KMRL)

International Scientific Committee (CODATU) 6:

Big Data for transport planning

Session chair :Mr. Vivek Ogra

  • Estimating missing path on trajectories trip by using Bluetooth technology - Mr. Thana Potanon, University of Nihon, Japan;

  • Can big data contribute to improve our quality of life in big, congested cities? - Prof. Marcela Munizaga, University of Chili;

  • Crowdsourcing the “go slow” – big data applications in Lagos, Nigeria – Sufian Talukder, Naima Islam, Alex Hainen, Steven Jones, University of Alabama;

International Scientific Committee (CODATU) 4:

Traffic management

Session chair : Mr. K. V. Krishna Rao, IIT Mumbai

  • Traffic flow analysis in emerging country (India) - Tsutomu Tsuboi, Nagoya Electric Works Co., Ltd / Noriaki Yoshikawa, Cyber Creative Institute Co., Ltd.

  • Analysis of pedestrian spatial and temporal noncompliance behavior at signalized intersections in India - Dr. Marisamynathan S, IIT Bombay / Prof. Perumal Vedagiri, Transportation Engineering Division, IIT Mumbai;

  • Potentials of TDM applicability in the university of Ibadan community - Dr. Olusiyi Ipingbemi and Dr. Olawale Akogun, Université d'Ibadan, Nigeria.

International Scientific Committee (CODATU) 3:

"Travel safety"

Session Chair :Dr. Charles Rivasplata

  • Children’s School Travel and Safety Behaviour in Two Cities in South Western Nigeria - Dr. Olaniran Olawole, Université Obafemi Awolowo, Ile-Ife, Nigeria;
  • The road safety issue in the agglomeration of Abidjan (Ivory Coast) - Mr. Yao Godefroy Konan, Ministry of Transports, Ivory Coast;

  • Road safety and wealth of a country: which link? The example of Tunisia - Mr. Mohamed Souleiman Ouannes, University of King Faisal, Saudi Arabia.

PTV Session 2
  • Innovative High Capacity Intersection Layouts – Mr. Trishul Palekar, Stantec
  • Environment consideration in assessing level of service of signalized intersections – Mr. Shiva Teja Thoyyeti, Dr.Sewaram, Dr. Anuradha Shukla
  • Traffic simulation in Vissim for signalized intersection of Vadodara city – Mr. Boski Chauhan, SVNIT Surat
  • PTV Visum safety in smart city projects- Ms. Marijana Matanovic, PTV Group
  • Q & A

Efficient & Sustainable City Bus Services Project

Knowledge Exchange Workshop on Intelligent Transport System (ITS)  - conducted by SUTP

Session 2: Increasing productivity through ITS implementation

  • Dr. Aneesh Chinubhai, Chief Technology Officer, Infinium Solutions Pvt Ltd
  • Shri Anil Kumar Saini, COO, Railway System, L&T Metro Rail, Hyderabad
  • Shri Tanmoy Chakrabarty, Vice President and Global Head- Government Solutions Unit (ISU), TCS
  • Shri D K Sinha, CGM/S&T, DMRC
Day 2 - 5th November 2017 (16:30 - 18:00)

Technical session 5: 

Intelligent transport systems

Chairperson : Ms Nupur Gupta, World Bank/ Shri I.C Sharma National Project Manager, SUPT

  • Improving road safety using ITS –  Bangalore/ Nishi Mittal, Division of Environment and Road Traffic Safety CRRI
  • Role of ITS in Urban Mobility – DIMTS/ KSRTC
  • ITS – Ms Jyot Chaddha, WRI
  • Smart City bus service  – Volvo (Sponrisé)

Research Symposium 1 -  Land use and Travel Behavior

Chairperson: Prof. Shivanand Swamy, Executive Director, CEPT University

  • Industrial Trip Generation Model For Himmatnagar Industrial Area Of Gujarat – Ms Bhargavi Patel, Mr Dipesh Kadiya And Mr Harishkumar Varia
  • Performance Evaluation Of Intermediate Public Transport By Benchmarking Approach- A Case Study - Pydisetti Dinesh Kumar And Ms Kanta Naga Rajesh.
  • Land Use Planning and Road Infrastructure Policy in India: The Role Of Spatial Data In Decision Making – Ms Samikchhya Bhusal
  • Land Use Transport Integration Through User Behavioral Perspective: A Case Study Of Greater Cochin -  Ms Visakha K A & Ms Anupama Warrier
  • Understanding Patterns of Work Travel in India Using the Census Data -  Mr Nishant Singh

International Scientific Committee (CODATU) 13 :

Public transport applications [FR] 

Session chair : Mr. Etienne Lhomet

  • Renewal of the vehicle fleet and sustainable development in Ivory Coast - Mr. Yao Konan, Ministry of Transport, Ivory coast;

  • A life cycle analysis of urban public transport systems in Indian cities - Mr. Sharif Qamar, TERI, India;

  • Public Transport of dedicated corridors and mobility in the major urban centers of North Africa: case study of Rabat-Sale (Morocco) and Constantine (Algeria) - Ms. Imane Harkat, LAUTES, Algeria;

Research Symposium 2 -  Mode Choice

Chairperson: Shri Manoj  M., IIT Delhi

  • Creating Alternative Mobility Options for Private Mode To Public Transport Mode: A Case Of Gandhinagar – Mr Keval Mistry, Ms Vaishali Rathod & Ms  Vidhya Raghvan
  • of Soft Computing for Mode Choice Analysis and Comparison with Traditional Multinomial Logit Model – Ms Sumana Mitra & Dr. Pradeep Sarkar
  • Analysis of Metro Rail Project Selection Bias with Principal Agent Model: A Case Of Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Jaipur And Chennai -  Mr Vinod Rathod & Prof. H.M Shivanad Swamy
  • Feasibility & Travel Demand Study on Mass Transit Modes – Mr Dennis Jose & Ms Angel Joseph
  • Parking Supply Management as Strategy to Reduce Congestion and Improving Mobility in Core Area: Case Study of Bhopal City – Ms Madhuri Jawale & Mr Paulose Kuriakose.
Research Symposium 3 -  Public Transport


  • Travel Time Variability Modelling of Selected Bus Routes in India – Mr Akhilesh Chepuri, Mr Raunak K, Mr Shriniwas Arkatkar, Prof. Gaurang Joshi & Mr Dewal Mishra
  • Planning the Transit Interchange Zones – Ms Anna Mariya Lukose
  • Feasibility of Electric Bus Operation in Urban Areas- Case Study Delhi – Mr Pintu Saini & Dr. Pradip Kumar Sarkar
  • Role of Informal Public Transport: A Case of Kanpur, Aligarh And Hathras, UP (India) - Mr Banshi Sharma
  • Feeder Network System Design for Mass Transit Systems - Ms Anu Sachan & Mr Tom V Mathew

International Scientific Committee (CODATU) 7 :

Transport and Energy

Session chair : Ms. Akshima Tejas Ghate, TERI

  • Impacts of fuel consumption reduction by hybrid car promotion in Bangkok - Prof. Atsushi Fukuda, University of Nihon, Japan

  • Relationship between PM10 and urban territorial accessibility conditions in Manizales (Colombia) 2012-2015 - Diego Escobar Garcia, National University of Colombia / Carlos Cadena Gaitan, University EAFIT / Jonny Alexander Tamayo, National University of Colombia.

  • Transport, fuel consumption and emissions – Prof Ali Huzayyin

International Scientific Committee (CODATU) 8 :

Transport and urban planning

Session chair : Mr. V.Pathak

  • The relationship between transport, housing, and urban form: affordability of transport and housing in Indonesia - Ms. Yulia Dewita, Dr. Matthew Burke, Dr. Barbara Yen, University Griffith, Australia
  • Impact of regulatory framework in urban mobility systems : the case of Brasil - Prof. Rosário Macário.

  • Transport and Urban Planning – Dr. Charles Rivasplata

PTV Session 3
  • Innovative Airside Simulation using PTV Vissim– Mr. Srinivas Bandaru , CH2M
  • Signal Optimization using PTV Vistro for a major BRTS Corridor in Pimpri-Chinchwad, Maharashtra – Pratap Singh Bhonsale, Global Traffic Solutions
  • Simulation of efficient junction designs in Hubli-Dharwad – Mr. Harshavardhan, Spectrum Techno Consultants
  • Visual Reality Techniques – Mr. Rishi Ahuja, Sunovatech Groups
  • Q & A
  • PTV Awards & Vote of Thanks

Efficient & Sustainable City Bus Services Project

Knowledge Exchange Workshop on Intelligent Transport System (ITS)  - conducted by SUTP

Session 3: Smart Transport Ticketing in India

  • Shri Nalin Bansal, Vice President & Head, NPCI
  • Shri Ajesh Kapoor, Director, India Region Sales, NXP Semiconductors India Pvt Ltd
  • Shri Praveen Sachwani, Director, Engineering Verifone
Day 3 - 6th November 2017 (9:30-11:00)

Plenary session : Metro Rail

Chairperson : Shri Durga Shankar Mishra, Secretary, ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, Government of India 

  • Metro Rail Policy and its implication of Urban Rail transit : an overview - MoUD
  • Taking the Metro to People’s Doorstep – Dr O.P. Agarwal, CEO, WRI
  • Financing Options for Metro & Land Value Capture - MTR
  • PPP Options for Metro – TFL / Cross Rail
  • Keolis and RDTA
Tea break (11:00 - 11:30)
Research Symposium 4 - Pedestrian Models

Chairperson: Prof. C.S.R.K. Prasad, Professor, NIT Warangal

  • Development of Pedestrian Safety Index Models for Safety of Pedestrian Flow on Urban Roads Under Mixed Traffic -  Mr Adinarayana Badveeti & Dr.Mohammad Shafi Mir
  • Analyzing the Travel Behavior and Mobility Patterns of the Visually Impaired: A Case of Ahmedabad – Ms Shivani Palepu
  • Non-Motorized Transport - Myths and Facts : A Case Study of Kolkata – Mr Anushil Tiwari
  • Vehicle Class Wise Speed Prediction Models under the Influence of Crossing Pedestrian at Urban Mid-Block Sections – Mr Hareshkumar Golakiya, Mr Manish Patkar & Mr Ashish Dhamaniya
  • Public Bike Sharing: An Approach Towards Sustainable Transportation A Case Study Of Cbd In Indian Context – Mr Samir Patel, Mr Chetan Patel, Prof. Gaurang Joshi & Mr Rajesh Pandya
Research Symposium 5 -  Urban Traffic Operations

Chairperson: Shri Nezamuddin, Assistant Professor, IIT Delhi

  • Modeling User Perceived Level Of Service Of Signalized Intersection Using Fuzzy Logic – Ms Darshana Othayoth & Prof. K. V. Krishna Rao
  • On-Road Parking: A New Approach to Quantify the Side Friction Regarding Road Width Reduction - Suvin P V & Mr Mallikarjuna Chunchu
  • A Semi-Automated Image Processing Solution For Extracting Microscopic Traffic Data - Mr Bharathiraja Muthurajan, Mr Rushikesh Amrutsamanvar & Ms Lelitha Devi Vanajakshi
  • Microscopic Analysis of Platoon Behaviour on Indian Expressways – Ms Suman Dash, Mr Ayush Pandey & Prof. Gopal R. Patil
  • Gap Acceptance of Minor Street Vehicles Under Different Daylight Conditions at Unsignalized Intersections – Mr Lavan Teja Burra, Mr Digvijay S Pawar & Mr Gopal R Patil

Joint session 6:

Alternatives to mass transit systems

Chairperson -   Ms Ashwini Bhide, MD, Mumbai Metro Rail Corpora by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs (MoHUA). (TBC)

  • The role of SOTRAL - Mr. Michel Tindano, Managing Director, SOTRAL (Lomé, Togo)
  • Restructuring the bus network – Ms. Michèle Vullien, Counsellor to Lyon Metropolis, French Senator, Elected member of SYTRAL;
  • Cities need more than metros – KfWs approach to urban mobility -  Stephanie Rieger, Head of Urban Development and Mobility, KfW’s South Asia
  • Light Metro in urban Transport Sector - Shri S.D. Sharma, Director (Business Development, DMRC
Research Symposium 6 -  Safety and Traffic Operations

Chairperson: Dr. Geetam Tiwari,  Professor, IIT Delhi

  • User Behaviour Towards Traffic Violation – Mr Ashwini Bokey And Ms Shalini Sinha
  • Journey Risk Management fFor PMPML Buses in Pune City – Mr Shubham Bannore, Ms Ashlesha Ithape, Prof. Manish Ingale, Dr. Sanjay Patil & Prof. Kiran Wani
  • Pricing the Passages Related to Traffic Restriction by Using Genetic Algorithms – Mr Elham Moniri & Mahdi Yousefi Nezhad Attari
  • Image Processing Techniques for Traffic Data Extraction from Aerial Imagery - Devunuri Sai Praneeth, Ms Lelitha Vanajakshi & Ms Chilukuri Bhargava Rama
  • Relationship between Mobility and Pedestrian Safety: A Region-Wide Level Study – Ms Ruchika Agarwala & Mr Vinod Vasudevan.

CODATU session 6:

Session Organized by WCTRS

  • Challenges of Climate Change mitigation and adaptation in cities of developing countries, Mr. Ashish Verma

International Scientific Committee (CODATU) Session 9:

Round table : Boosting transport research and education in developing countries

Co-chairs : Prof. Rosário Macário and Prof. Shivanand Swamy, CEPT University

  • Prof. Rosário Macário
  • Prof. Shivanand Swamy
  • Prof. Ali Huzayyin
  • Dr. Charles Rivasplata

International Scientific Committee (CODATU) Session 10 :

Urban freight transport

Session chair : PK Sikhdar 

  • The role of Urban freight transport in the development of an inclusive mobility in Douala (Cameroun) - Prisca Lablonde Tene, Olinga Joseph Magloire, Douala City council / Wabo Herve, Freelance.

  • E-commerce and its impact on travel behaviour of shoppers in two metropolitan cities of India - Prof. Sanjay Gupta, SPA, India - Prof. Sanjay Gupta, SPA, Inde.

  • Assessment of freight vehicles characteristics: the case of Delhi - M. Leeza Malik, Prof. Geetam Tiwari, Mr. Ashwami Kumar, IIT Delhi, India

  • Influence of urban forms variables on urban freight trip generation models - Dr. Nilanjana Bakshi, Prof. Geetam Tiwari, Prof. Nomesh Bolia, IIT Delhi.

LUTP  Review – IUT

Reviewers -  Shri D.S. Mishra, Shri Sudesh Kumar, Dr Sanjay Gupta, Ms Sonia Arora

  • A critical analysis of the existing provisions / proposals in various Development Plans in Haryana with reference to the Traffic and Transportation aspects -  Shri Sanjay Kumar & Ms. Renuka Singh
  • Transportation Solutions for upcoming Kumbh Mela 2019 at Allahabad -  Shri Himanshu Shekhar, Shri Anshoo Pandey & Shri Krishna Shukla
  • Comprehensive Mobility Plan for Walled City Jaipur -  Shri Rajesh Kumar Tulara &
  • Shri Sanjay Poonia
  • Planning and Management of Parking in the Central area of Aizawl City -  Shri Zohmingthanga
    Policy, Planning and Management of Parking in Vijayawada City -  Shri Chandra Sekhar Dastimi
LUTP  Review – IUT

Reviewers -  Shri Chandramauli Shukla, Shri R.K. Singh, Shri T. Krishna Prasad, DGP (Railway & Road  Safety), Telangana & Ms Kanika Kalra

  • of ITMS for City Transport Varanasi -  Shri Rajeev Anand &Shri P. K. Tiwari
  • ticketing system for different mode of transports in Ahmedabad city – Challenges and Issues -  Dr. Hemant Kagra & Shri Prafulla V. Kohade
  • ITS in City Bus Ply by WOUTSL, Sambalpur -  Shri Sudhansu Kumar Bhoi*
  • Implementation of Public Bike Sharing System in New Delhi Municipal Council Area -  Shri Ramanand Bhagat & Md. Manzarul Hasan
Lunch (13:00 - 14:30)
Day 3 - 6th November 2017 (14:30-16:00)

Technical session 6:

Urban transport and environment

Chairperson : Ms Ashvini Bhide, Managing Director, Mumbai Metro/ Shri P.S. Kharola, Managing Director, Bangalore Metro

  • Climate resilient policies in transport sector – Sh. A.K. Mehta, AS, MoEF/ Mr Ravi Shankar Prasad, Joint Secretary, MoEF
  • Challenges in implementing SDGs, Paris Climate Agreement – Mr Conrnie Huzenga, SLoCAT
  • Sustainable Urban Transport in Achieving Smart, Resilient and Low Carbon Cities – Ms Sunita Narain, CSE
  • Circular Economy - Shri S.A. Verma, General Manager – Environment, Delhi Metro Rail Corporation

International Scientific Committee (CODATU) 14 :

Planning for transport

Session chair – Prof. Marcela Munizaga

Co-chair – M. Mark Zuidgeest

  • Integrated Transport Network Model for Strategic Planning and Management of Delhi Transportation System – Madhuri and Alias Kurian
  • Travel Patterns in Indian Districts: Does Population Size Matter? – Ms. Deepty Jain, TERI University / Prof. Geetam Tiwari, IIT Delhi
  • Can a focus on NMT reconcile Transit Oriented Development, paratransit formalization and urban informality? – Mr. Sean Cooke, University of Cape Town / Prof. Geetam Tiwari, TRIPP, IIT Delhi

International Scientific Committee (CODATU) 11 :

Transport of vulnerable citizens

Session chair : Ms. Rosario Macario

  • The role of transport in providing access to disabled youth: the case of Capet Town - Dr. Charles Rivasplata. San jose State University / Dr. Marlene Le Roux, Artscape

  • SOTRAL: which solution for persons with reduced mobility in Lomé? - Dr. Messan Vimenyo, University of Lomé, Togo.

  • Mobility constraints of children in Bangladesh: a study on travel to school in Dhaka city - Dr. Shafiq-Ur Rahman, Mr. Noor Ali Shaha, Jahangirnagar University, Bangladesh;

  • Social exclusion of disabled public transport users: insights from Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea - Dr. Oliver Page, Independent Transportation Safety Specialist, USA.

Joint session 7:

Road safety

Chairperson -   Shri T. Krishna Prasad, DGP (Railway & Road  Safety), Telangana 

  • Shri R.K. Singh, Chief Engineer, LucknowMetro
  • Traffic management, Mr. Julien Allaire (Transitec)
  • Road safety management in a developing country: the case of Lebanon - Mr. Ramzi Salame, Executive Director, National Road Safety Council, Lebanon

International Scientific Committee (CODATU) 12 :

Informal transport

Session chair -  Dr. Moazzem Hossain (TBC)

  • Informal Transport in Urban Fringes of Africa: An Analysis Based on the Role of Motocycles in the Suburban Areas - Dr. Assogba Guezere, University of Kara, Togo;
  • Gentrification in Paratransit - Mr. Pablo Salazar Ferro, Independant Consultant for CODATU;
  • User’s Perception of Increasing Operations of Electric Rickshaw (Toto) Service: Case of Uttarpara, India - Ms. Suranjana Chaudhuri, Indian IIEST, India.

International Scientific Committee Session 5:

Equity and exclusion (II)

Session chair – Dr. Krishna Rao

  • Ring railway: excluding passengers or excluded service? - Ms. Arundhathi, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, India / Ms. Sarah Zia, independent scholar;
  • Social inclusion toolkit for urban transportation - Ms. Maitreyi Yellapragada, Independant researcher in Urban Planning, USA / Prof. Subhi Sonal, University of Reva, India;
  • A Comprehensive assessment on social exclusion through mass transit networks in Sao Luis - Dr. Diogo Pires Ferreira, University IUAV of Venice, Italy / Prof. Romulo Orrico Filho, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.

CODATU Session 5:

Innovative funding for Urban Mobility

Session Chair: M. Bernard Rivalta, Vice-President, CODATU

  • Renewal of the bus fleet: case studies from Dakar (Senegal) – M. Amadou Saidou Ba, President of CETUD
  • Who Pays What in Urban Transport – Julien Allaire, CODATU
  • Regardless of the actor (operator or Transport Authority), innovative solutions must be continuously implemented to fund public transport development - Mr. Thibault De Lambert, RATP Dev Transdev Asia
  • Enhancing financing requirements through a real fleet purchasing policy in developing countries: from the requirement definition to the shared procurement – Mr. Marc Delayer, President of CATP (Public Transport Group purchasing organization
LUTP  Review – IUT

Reviewers -  Dr Sudhir Krishna, Prof. Shivanand Swamy, Dr Geetam Tiwari, Ms Akshima T Ghate

  • A critical analysis of the existing provisions / proposals in various Development Plans in Haryana with reference to the Traffic and Transportation aspects-  Shri Sanjay Kumar & Ms. Renuka Singh
  • Transportation Solutions for upcoming Kumbh Mela 2019 at Allahabad - Shri Himanshu Shekhar, Shri Anshoo Pandey & Shri Krishna Shukla
  • Comprehensive Mobility Plan for Walled City Jaipur - Shri Rajesh Kumar Tulara & Shri Sanjay Poonia
  • Planning and Management of Parking in the Central area of Aizawl City - Shri Zohmingthanga
  • Policy, Planning and Management of Parking in Vijayawada City - Shri Chandra Sekhar Dastimi
LUTP  Review – IUT

Reviewers -  Dr O.P. Agarwal, Dr M. Ramachandran, Mr. Julien Allaire & Dr P.K. Sikdar

  • Developing framework for maximizing non-fare box revenue for Bhopal and Indore Metro Rail Projects through PPP -  Shri Karia Parth, Shri Yash Choudhary & Shri Shafeeq Ahmed
  • Technical Feasibility and Financial Viability for procurement of Electric Buses for City Chandigarh -  Shri Amit Gupta
  • Delhi – Meerut RRTS Corridor being implemented by NCRTC -  Shri Tushar Singh &
  • Analysis of Accident Causes and Prevention in NEKRTC, Gulbarga -  Shri H. Vasanth
Validectory session (16:00-17:00)
  • Welcome Address by Shri. Navin Mittal, Secretary (UD), Telengana
  • Special Address by Mr. Dominique Bussereau, President, CODATU
  • Special Address by Mr. Amadou Ba, CETUD (Dakar)
  • Address by Shri K.T. Rama Rao, Hon’ble Minister for Information Technology (E&C), Municipal Administration & Urban Development, Industries & Commerce, Mines & Geology, Public Enterprises and NRI Affairs, Telangana, Government of Telangana
  • Presentation of Awards for CODATU PhD Prize and CODATU International Scientific Committee Session Prize
  • Presentation of Awards for Excellence in Urban Transport & Urban Mobility Awards by Hon’ble Minister for Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, GoI and Minister, Government of Telangana
  • Valedictory Address by Shri Hardeep Singh Puri, Minister of State (UD), Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, GoI
  • Vote of Thanks by Shri Durga Shanker Mishra, Secretary, Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs



An Event of the Indian Ministry of Urban Development (MoUD), with the support of the Government of Telangana

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